Trend vacation – package tour to Mallorca

Mallorca has always been considered one of the most attractive vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. The popularity of the largest island of the Balearic Islands has not changed until today – so the range of package tours for Mallorca is more extensive than ever. Even if Mallorca has changed constantly, the natural beauty has remained the same and the hospitality of the locals is unbroken. Mallorca scores with diversity: while the north is characterized by Caribbean-like sandy beaches, the west of the island is mountainous. The Tramuntana mountain range is a paradise for cyclists and hikers and is particularly attractive to guests who want to be active during their vacation. Wonderful panoramic roads, a well-developed network of hiking trails and romantic mountain villages characterize this part of Mallorca. The west of the island is an ideal starting point to explore Mallorca on your own and the Playa de Palma in the south with its notorious Ballermann has long since gained cult status on the favorite island of the Germans anyway.

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