Why holidaymakers love to rent a holiday home in Denmark!

Especially for families or couples, the Danish coastal region is known for cheap and unforgettable holidays. The Danes are a hospitable, cosmopolitan people and the country’s unique nature immediately draws you in. The selection of holiday homes is particularly extensive in the coastal region. From the simple, inexpensive hut to the luxury villa with pool and sauna, there is something for every taste and budget. All holiday homes in Denmark are mostly fully equipped, so you don’t have to take anything extra with you. Often you can even book bicycles, handcarts or discounted tickets for nearby attractions. Even large families or dog owners will always find suitable accommodation. In addition, Denmark, as a neighboring country of Germany, can be reached by car within a very short time. And the shorter the arrival and departure – the more time you have for your vacation!

On our site you will find more than 20,000 offers from the largest holiday home providers in Denmark. All houses can be booked safely and easily online through our cooperation partner, Ferienhaus GmbH.

If you don’t know exactly in which area of Denmark you want to spend your vacation, you will find some suggestions for frequently booked places in the Destination field. If you just want to browse for houses, you can simply leave the destination field blank and only enter the travel period and the number of people. You will automatically only be shown vacant houses and the total rental price for the selected travel time. The filter function “More filters” helps you, for example, to select the equipment or the maximum rental price and is very useful when searching.

Peculiarities when visiting a beach in Denmark

Why do the German guests find the beach in Denmark so unique?

Unfortunately, what the Danes perceive as normal is not a matter of course everywhere in the world.

We have described some of the special features and if we have forgotten something, you are very welcome to add a comment to the list.

No beach fees

Access to the Danish North Sea beach is free everywhere (of course there are still lifeguards on the most visited beaches to ensure the safety of bathers in summer).

There are also no fees for using beach chairs, because there aren’t any. But you can bring your own beach shell or beach lounger with you everywhere 😉

The North Sea beach doesn’t have opening hours either, so you can enjoy the soothing sound of the waves around the clock, watch the sunset on the horizon in the evening or go swimming at night in the moonlight!

No parking fees

And while you’re at the beach, your car is parked for free (if you’re there by car at all. Maybe you’ve booked one of our many holiday homes near the beach in Denmark and prefer to walk the short way to the beach ;o)

The beach car parks are well signposted from the country road with place names + beach (e.g. ‘Houvig Strand’, ‘Årgab Strand’ etc.) and you don’t have to worry about paying parking fees at one or the other beach car park, it’s actually free everywhere.

No fenced beach sections

When we say ‘beaches’ it’s actually misleading. Because the beach is really endless and you won’t find a fence or a section of beach where you can’t get any further.

For example, there are no sections just for dogs, children, water sports enthusiasts, sunbathers, etc. There is room for everyone here and the whole family can be together on the beach, no matter what the individual family members are up to.

No prohibition signs

There are also no prohibition signs on the North Sea beach. But that doesn’t mean that we behave inconsiderately towards other beach guests. It simply means that Danes value their freedom very much and trust each other.

You trust everyone to be considerate of each other; Dog owners to beach guests without a dog, athletes to relaxation guests and so on.

And it really shouldn’t be that difficult. Because on the endless and wide sandy beach there is enough space for everyone to unfold without disturbing anyone. Whether it’s flying kites, building sand castles, sunbathing, swimming, running or romping with the dog.

That’s it for now. We wish you a lot of fun for your next holiday in Denmark!

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