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Germany; Full form of the state name since 1949: Federal Republic of Germany) is a federal state in Central Europe. It has 16 federal states and is designed as a free, democratic and social constitutional state. The Federal Republic of Germany, founded in 1949, represents the youngest form of the German national state, which was founded for the first time in 1871. The federal capital and seat of government is Berlin. Germany borders nine countries, shares the North and Baltic Seas in the north, and Lake Constance and the Alps in the south. It is located in the temperate climate zone and has 16 national parks and more than 100 nature parks.

Today’s Germany has around 84.4 million inhabitants and, with an area of 357,588 square kilometers and an average of 236 inhabitants per square kilometer, is one of the densely populated non-city states. The most populous German city is Berlin; other metropolises with more than one million inhabitants are Hamburg, Munich and Cologne; the largest metropolitan area is the Ruhr area. As a European financial center, Frankfurt am Main is of global importance. The birth rate is 1.58 children per woman (2021).