Local SIM card for mobile internet

Whether you’re on a vacation package to Bali for just a few days or several weeks, mobile internet can make life on the island a lot easier.

You can use map apps to search and navigate to specific locations anytime, anywhere. You can search for your next accommodation from anywhere or research background information on certain sights if there is no guide nearby.

You are not dependent on the WLAN in your homestay and can also call your loved ones at home via Skype, Whatsapp & Co. on the beach.

Which providers are recommended?

To make phone calls to Europe, we recommend the Indonesian SIM card from the SimPATI brand, which offers relatively favorable conditions for calls to Europe with the help of a specific area code. This can be purchased very cheaply in any local mobile phone shop. Alternatively, XL is also a good provider! With the card you can then book a monthly Internet flat rate for just under 10 euros. Simply ask the cell phone shop employee directly whether they can load 2 GB of Internet onto your card.